This video explains the configuration of output messages, conditions, schemas (message determination), and pricing procedure in SAP Materials Management. The key points discussed in the video are:

  1. Message Determination: The video explains how SAP determines messages or outputs for external purchasing documents like purchase orders, contracts, etc. These messages contain information sent to the supplier through various media like email, EDI, fax, etc. The system determines the appropriate output media for each supplier and proposes it during document creation. The system uses condition techniques for message determination and determines messages based on criteria like document type and suppliers.
  2. Pricing Procedure: The video discusses how a pricing procedure determines the price of a material in a purchase order. The net price of a material depends on various factors like discounts, surcharges, taxes, freights, etc. These values are represented in the form of condition types in SAP and are stored in the form of condition records. The system determines the net and effective prices in purchase orders based on these condition types.
  3. Configuration Steps: The video outlines the various steps involved in MM configuration for message determination and pricing procedure. These include defining condition tables, access sequences, message types, message schemas, partner roles, output devices, condition types, calculation schemas, and schema groups. The video provides detailed explanations and examples for each of these steps.

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