This video explains the various standard inventory reports available in SAP Materials Management, focusing on how to access and interpret these reports. The key points discussed in the video are:

  1. Exploring Menu Path: The presenter emphasizes the importance of exploring the menu path in SAP to discover various standard reports. Instead of memorizing transaction codes, users should navigate through the menu path to find the reports they need.
  2. Stock Overview (MMBE): This transaction provides an overview of the stock at different organizational levels, such as company code, plant, and storage location. It also displays special stocks. From the MMBE transaction, users can access other details like stock requirements, open purchase orders, material movements, and production orders.
  3. Consolidated Stock Report (MB52): This report provides a consolidated view of the stock across the plant. Users can customize the layout of the report and export it to Excel for further analysis.
  4. Stock by Posting Date (MB5B): This transaction allows users to view the stock by a specific date range. It displays the opening and closing stock for a given period, along with total receipts and total issues.
  5. Material Documents (MB51): This transaction provides a consolidated list of all material documents created during goods receipt, goods issue, or stock verification. Users can filter the list based on various parameters like material, plant, storage location, batch, vendor, customer, movement type, special stock, and posting date.

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