This video explains how to manage demand in SAP Materials Management. The key points discussed in the video are:

  1. Demand Management Overview: The presenter explains that demand management in SAP involves handling both independent and dependent demands. Independent demands come directly from the market, while dependent demands are based on the independent demands. The presenter emphasizes the importance of capturing both types of demands in the system.
  2. Entering Demand in SAP: The presenter demonstrates how to enter demand in SAP using the transaction code MD61. The demand can be entered for a material, a product group, or a requirement plan. The presenter also explains the concept of planning versions and planning buckets.
  3. Evaluating Demand: The presenter shows how to evaluate the Planned Independent Requirements (PIR) using the transaction code MD73. This evaluation provides information about the planned quantity, the assigned quantity, and the total assignment.
  4. Reorganizing Demand: The presenter discusses the importance of regularly cleaning up the demand in the system. This involves removing demands that are no longer required. The presenter demonstrates how to perform this reorganization using the transaction code MD74.

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