This video explains the MRP2 View in Material Master as part of SAP Materials Management. The key points discussed in the video are:

  1. Procurement Parameters: The video discusses procurement types, special procurement types, production store locations, locations for external procurement, and backflush scheduling. It explains the differences between internal and external procurement and how these parameters are maintained in the MRP2 view.
  2. Scheduling Parameters: The presenter talks about in-house production time, planned delivery time, release time, goods receipt processing time, planning calendar, and schedule margin key. The video explains how these parameters impact scheduling and how they are used in the planning process.
  3. Net Requirement Calculation: The video discusses the purpose of safety stock, how it is used, and how safety stock availability is determined. It also explains the concept of service level and minimum safety stock. The presenter explains how these parameters are used in net requirement calculation.
  4. Planning Calendar: The video explains the purpose of a planning calendar, which is to have a flexible period length. It provides an example of a vendor delivering goods every second Wednesday and how this can be managed using a planning calendar.
  5. Safety Stock and Service Level: The video discusses the purpose of safety stock and how it acts as a buffer to manage fluctuations in demand and supply. It also explains the concept of service level, which is the minimum quantity of material needed to ensure a certain percentage of service to the customer.

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