This video explains the MRP4 view in SAP Materials Management, focusing on manufacturing details like BOM explosion, discontinuation of a material, and component scrap. The key points discussed in the video are:

  1. Individual and Collective Requirements: The video discusses whether dependent materials are planned through MRP individually or collectively. For instance, when there are special order stocks or project orders, the system can plan the dependent requirements individually for each requirement or collectively for all requirements.
  2. Component Scrap: The video explains the concept of component scrap, which is the percentage of material that is expected to be wasted or scrapped during the manufacturing process. This percentage can be defined in the MRP4 view and is used by the system during MRP planning to ensure that enough material is planned.
  3. Production Version: The video discusses the production version, which is a combination of a Bill of Material (BOM) and a routing. The production version is essential for defining the manufacturing process for a material, especially in subcontracting scenarios. The video explains that the production version is mandatory in S/4HANA.
  4. Discontinued Parts: The video explains how to handle discontinued parts in SAP. When a component in a BOM is replaced with another component, the discontinued part function can be used to manage this change. The system allows you to define the discontinued part and its replacement in the MRP4 view.
  5. Repetitive Manufacturing: The video briefly mentions repetitive manufacturing but does not go into detail as the focus of the course is on discrete manufacturing.

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