This video explains the concept of Purchasing Information Record in SAP Materials Management, focusing on its importance in defining the relationship between a vendor and a material/service. The key points discussed in the video are:

  1. Introduction to Purchasing Information Record: The Purchasing Information Record defines the relationship between a vendor and a material/service. It is crucial for the purchasing process as the information supplied by the vendor or from the contract is entered into the purchasing information record. Maintaining accurate details in the Purchasing Info Record can reduce the efforts in creating Purchase orders with reduced manual input.
  2. Types of Purchasing Info Records: There are four types of purchasing info records – standard, subcontracting, pipeline, and consignment. The standard purchasing info record contains information supplied by a vendor for a specific material or group of materials. The subcontracting info record involves the price of the operations performed by the supplier. The pipeline info record reflects information for vendor-material combination with pipeline materials. The consignment info record is created when a vendor supplies the material to be stored at the customer’s site for customer withdrawal.
  3. Pricing Conditions in Purchasing Info Records: Pricing conditions allow a purchasing user to enter details into the system about the pricing agreements negotiated with the vendor. These conditions are used in purchase orders to determine the prices. There are time-dependent and time-independent conditions. Time-dependent conditions allow a user to introduce validity periods and scales, while time-independent conditions do not include any price scale or validity periods.
  4. Creation of Purchasing Info Record: The video demonstrates how to create a purchasing info record using transaction ME11. It covers the entry of general data, purchase organization data, and purchase organization and plant combination data. It also discusses how the purchasing info record details are copied to purchase orders automatically.

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