This video explains the MRP3 view in SAP Materials Management, particularly focusing on the critical parameters like forecast requirements, planning parameters, and availability check parameters. The key points discussed in the video are:

  1. Introduction to MRP3 View: The MRP3 view is crucial for defining the operating model like Make to Stock (MTS), Make to Order (MTO), or Assemble to Order (ATO). It also helps to define how to carry out availability check and the total replenishment lead time.
  2. Forecasting Related Parameters: The video discusses the period indicator, which defines the type of period to consider for the consumption quantities of forecasting. It also talks about the splitting indicator, which determines how the forecast requirements have to be split into smaller intervals.
  3. Planning Strategy View: The planning strategy view is where the strategy group is defined. This group determines how the material is planned, whether it’s an operating model like MTS, MTO, or ATO. It also helps to define the availability check and other product configuration details.
  4. Consumption Mode and Period: The video explains the consumption mode, which defines how the planned independent requirement (PIR) has to be consumed. It also discusses the consumption period, which defines how long the system can go backward or forward to consume the PIR.
  5. Availability Check and Replenishment Lead Time: The availability check parameter defines how the availability of material is checked in different requirements. The replenishment lead time is the time required before the product is completely available.

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