This video explains the Forecasting View in SAP Materials Management, focusing on parameters related to forecasting period, model selection, and control parameters. The key points discussed in the video are:

  1. Introduction to Forecasting View: The Forecasting View in SAP contains details related to organization-dependent parameters. Depending on the material type, this view may be required and is configured in the material type.
  2. General Data: This section includes the selection of the forecast model, the last forecast, and reference material for consumption details. If a material does not have any historical data for creating a forecast, a similar material can be defined as a reference material.
  3. Number of Periods Required: This tab includes selections for historical details and forecast periods. The historical periods define the number of historical periods needed to calculate the forecast. The forecast periods define the number of periods for which the forecast has to be calculated.
  4. Control Data: This section includes parameters for initiating the forecast, tracking limit, model selection, and correction factors. The initialization indicator defines whether the forecast has to be initiated by the system or manually. The tracking limit field holds a value that specifies the amount by which the forecast value may deviate from the actual value.

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