This video explains how to manage a Material Master in SAP Materials Management. The key points discussed in the video are:

  1. Introduction: The presenter begins by discussing how to manage a Material Master after discussing basic data views and classification views. The aim is to help viewers start practicing SAP transactions from the lessons to learn effectively.
  2. Creating, Changing, and Extending Material Master: The presenter explains the process of creating a Material Master through the menu path. Three fields are given as inputs: material number, industry sector, and material type. The presenter explains the differences between internal and external number assignments, industry sectors, and material types.
  3. Material Number: The presenter explains that a material number is a unique 18 to 40 character field that can be entered manually or created automatically by the system based on the type of number assignment.
  4. Industry Sector: The presenter explains that the industry sector defines what screens are displayed and in what order. SAP has predefined industry sectors, and new industry sectors can be created if needed.
  5. Material Types: The presenter explains that material types have many controlling functions. SAP provides pre-configured material types, and new material types can also be created. The presenter also explains the main functions of material types.
  6. Creating Material Master: The presenter explains how to create a Material Master using the transaction code MM01. The presenter also explains how to create a Material Master by copying from another material or by scheduling it.
  7. Deleting a Material Master: The presenter explains that deleting a Material Master can be done by setting a deletion flag and running a reorganization program.

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