This video explains the Quality Management View in SAP Materials Management, focusing on parameters related to inspection setup and procurement data. The key points discussed in the video are:

  1. Introduction to Quality Management View: The Quality Management View in SAP contains plant-dependent parameters. This view is crucial for defining basic quality requirements for the material for each plant. It has two sections: General Data and Procurement Data.
  2. General Data: This section includes parameters like inspection setup, post to inspection stock indicator, quality management authorization, and catalog profile. The inspection setup information can be maintained if required, and the post to inspection stock indicator can force a material to be posted into the inspection stock upon receipt.
  3. Procurement Data: This section includes parameters related to quality management during the procurement process. The quality management procurement active indicator switches the quality management aspect of procurement. If activated, the quality management control key field should be defined. The control key can determine various functions, such as whether a quality assurance document must exist between the company and vendor, or if a quality certificate is required from the vendor for each receipt.
  4. Quality Management Control Key: The quality management control key can be defined during configuration and determines whether a material is affected by quality during the procurement cycle. This parameter determines various things like whether the technical delivery terms must exist as a document or if a quality assurance document must exist between the company and vendor.
  5. Certificate Type and Target Quality System: The incoming quality certificate can be required by the quality department for each goods receipt from each purchase order for the materials from the vendor. The target quality system defines the requirements for the supplier’s quality system using the identifier and the accompanying description.

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