Universal Allocations in SAP S/4HANA is a new functionality that allows for the seamless integration of allocation preparation and execution. This new functionality also provides transparency and traceability of allocations, thanks to a graphical modeling and visualization. Additionally, Universal Allocations includes simulation capabilities, which allow users to validate the impact of changed allocation rules on financial results in multiple currencies. These improvements are significant for companies with complex organizational structures and multiple allocation cycles. Universal Allocations are called “universal” because they allow for allocations and distributions of plan as well as actual data for both cost centers and profit centers, and different ledgers. This can all be done from two central apps, which is a significant simplification compared to SAP ECC processes spread on multiple transaction codes. The simplified data model behind the new allocation functions and the single source of truth, the Universal Journal, have helped to improve performance and save time during month-end closing.

In this video tutorial, the presenter covers the new look and new functions of Universal Allocations in SAP S/4HANA.

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