This video introduces the concept of table functions in Core Data Services (CDS) views in SAP HANA. It explains why table functions are used, their design, and how to implement simple logic in them.

After watching this video, you will learn:

– The purpose of table functions in CDS views. Table functions are used to add functionalities that are not supported in CDS views. For example, if you want to perform SQL calculations or display the current date, you would use a table function. They are particularly useful in complex scenarios where you want to achieve everything in your CDS view without having to do application manipulation.
– The design of table functions. A table function can have input parameters (though this is optional) and must return some values. It can accommodate multiple records, similar to an internal table. To define the functionalities of a table function, you need to create a custom class and methods. The class should be public, and the method should be static. You also need to include a standard interface called IF_AMDP_MARKER_HDB.
– How to create a simple table function. The presenter demonstrates how to create a table function that returns production order details from a table. They show how to define the return parameters, create a class and methods for the table function, and implement the method to return the desired values.
– How to call a table function from a CDS view. The presenter creates two CDS views that call the table function. One view simply accesses the table function, while the other performs an inner join operation with another table.

The video is practical and detailed, showing each step at the system level. It is intended for those who wish to learn about CDS Views and how to create and use them in HANA Studio and SAP systems.

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