This video discusses the methodology of ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP) in SAP HANA. It explains the technical design of AMDP and how to implement it in ABAP objects.

After watching this video, you will learn:

  • The concept of AMDP. AMDP is a methodology that includes two concepts: functions and procedures. The video focuses on procedures in AMDP.
  • The technical design of AMDP procedures. AMDP procedures are similar to table functions in that they use classes and methods. However, AMDP procedures can have both static and instance methods, while table functions can only have static methods.
  • How to create AMDP procedures. The presenter demonstrates how to create a class and methods for an AMDP procedure. The class should be public, and the methods can be either static or instance methods. The methods should include the standard interface IF_AMDP_MARKER_HDB.
  • How to declare local variables inside the class method of an AMDP procedure. The presenter shows how to declare a variable and use it in a calculation.
  • How to use SQL functions for data handling. This includes using the CASE statement to add values and change the format of date fields.
  • How to call an AMDP procedure from an ABAP program. The presenter demonstrates how to create an object for the AMDP procedure and call the methods from the object.

The video is practical and detailed, showing each step at the system level. It is intended for those who wish to learn about AMDP and how to create and use them in HANA Studio and SAP systems.

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