This video provides a walkthrough on HANA studio, creating simple CDS (Core Data Services) Views, and accessing these views in SE38 and SE11. The key points discussed in the video are as follows:

  • The video begins with an introduction to HANA studio, explaining that it can be used with either HANA Studio or Eclipse. The presenter explains that there is no significant difference between the two, so users can switch between them easily.
  • The presenter then explains how to add a system in HANA studio and create a user-defined package. The process of creating simple CDS Views is demonstrated step by step.
  • The video also shows how the created CDS Views can be viewed in the ECC system through SE11 or SE38.
  • The presenter explains that CDS is essentially a view that fetches data from the HANA database. This data can be consumed in various areas such as BI tools, UI applications, SAP systems, and even non-SAP applications.
  • The video also covers the installation of add-ons for HANA Studio or Eclipse, specifically the ABAP Development Tool (ADT), which is necessary for creating CDS Views.
  • The presenter demonstrates how to create a CDS View, explaining that the data source can either be a table available in the HANA database or an existing view name. The presenter also explains how to execute the CDS View and view its content.
  • Finally, the presenter shows how to call the created CDS View in an SE38 program, treating the view as a table.

The video is practical and detailed, showing each step at the system level. It is intended for those who wish to learn about CDS Views and how to create and use them in HANA Studio and SAP systems.

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