This video discusses the importance of understanding the versions of HANA, ABAP, and HANA Studio or Eclipse when working with Core Data Services (CDS) views in SAP HANA. It also provides a detailed guide on how to explore standard CDS views.

After watching this video, you will learn:

  • The importance of understanding the versions of HANA, ABAP, and HANA Studio or Eclipse. Certain syntax or functionalities may only work based on the version or release, so it’s crucial to know which version you’re currently using.
  • How to check the versions of HANA Studio, HANA database, and ABAP. Knowing the version of your system is important, especially when working with inline declaration and new syntax for ABAP.
  • Standard CDS views: The presenter advises against immediately creating custom CDS views for any business requirement. Instead, it’s recommended to first identify any standard CDS views that can be a solution for the business requirement.
  • The presenter demonstrates how to search for standard CDS views using business-related terms. For example, if you’re looking for a CDS view related to sales, you can type “sales” and filter by data definition (DDLS) to narrow down the search.
  • How to call a standard CDS view from a custom CDS view. The presenter creates a custom CDS view and demonstrates how to call a standard CDS view from it.
  • How to use the “Outline” and “Revision History” features in HANA Studio or Eclipse. The “Outline” feature provides an overview of the elements of a CDS view, while the “Revision History” feature shows the transport request of a CDS view.
  • How to view a standard CDS view in SE11, a transaction code in SAP GUI.

The video is practical and detailed, showing each step at the system level. It is intended for those who wish to learn about CDS Views and how to create and use them in HANA Studio and SAP systems.

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