This video tutorial provides an introductory session on ABAP CDS (Core Data Services) Views. It aims to share technical ideas about various SAP concepts and is intended for both technical and functional people who want to enhance their knowledge in SAP.
Key points discussed in the video include:

  • The sessions starts with simple CDS Views and end with complex scenarios on CDS Views.
  • CDS is a core data service with two classifications: HANA CDS and ABAP CDS. The former is for database dependent HANA Database while the latter is the database independent and works for HANA and other databases
  • CDS is essentially a view, a concept familiar to those who have been in SAP for a long time. It fetches data from the HANA database and can be consumed in various areas such as BI tools, UI applications, SAP systems, and even non-SAP applications.
  • The video also discusses the platforms for practicing CDS Views. One can either use a HANA system with HANA Studio or Eclipse, or rent a system. Alternatively, one can use the ABAP trial on the SAP Cloud platform.
  • The video plans to cover how to create CDS Views, make them ready for consumption, and enable them in different tools.
    The video is mostly practical, showing each concept at the system level.

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