This video provides a comprehensive understanding of how to implement document splitting functionality in SAP S/4HANA Financial Accounting (FI). Here are the key points:

  1. Document Splitting: The video explains that document splitting is used to split line items of documents based on profit center or segment. This allows for the extraction of separate trial balances for individual profit centers or segments.
  2. Zero Balance Clearing Account: The presenter discusses the concept of a zero balance clearing account, which is used to balance the debit and credit balance. The total net balance of the document will become zero after assigning a zero balance clearing account.
  3. Activating Document Splitting: The presenter demonstrates how to activate document splitting functionality in the system. He navigates to the configuration screen and selects the option to classify document types for document splitting.
  4. Classifying Document Types: The presenter shows that the system has already classified the document types for document splitting. He checks the classification for a general ledger account document, which is unspecified posting with a standard variant.
  5. Defining Zero Balance Clearing Account: The presenter defines a zero balance clearing account for the chart of account ‘COA1’. He creates a new general ledger account for zero balance clearance.
  6. Activating Document Splitting for Company Code: The presenter activates document splitting for his company code. He makes certain fields mandatory to activate document splitting based on the profit center.

In summary, the video explains how to implement document splitting, define a zero balance clearing account, and activate document splitting for a company code in SAP S/4 HANA Financial Accounting.

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