This video provides a detailed walkthrough of creating an enterprise structure in SAP S/4HANA Financial Accounting (FI). Here are the key points:

  1. Enterprise Structure: The video explains that the enterprise structure is the first thing to be defined in SAP FI. It is central to all legal entities and is used for consolidation purposes. In SAP, it is referred to as the trading partner.
  2. Defining a Company: The video demonstrates how to define a company in the SAP system. This involves entering details such as the company code, city, country, language, and currency. The company code is a legal entity without which a transaction cannot be posted. All financial accounting and reporting of an entity are based on the company code.
  3. Global Currency: The video explains that the global currency is assigned to the company and is used for consolidation purposes. Every transaction is posted in the company code currency, which is used for financial reporting.
  4. Group Currency: The video mentions that the group currency is identified at the client level and is used to consolidate multiple companies.
  5. Assigning Company Code to Company: After defining the company and company code, the video shows how to assign the company code to the company. This is done under the Financial Accounting assignment in the SAP system.

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