This video provides a comprehensive understanding of document types and their number ranges in SAP S/4HANA Financial Accounting (FI). Here are the key points:

  1. Document Types: The video explains that document types are defined to segregate different types of documents like vendor invoices, vendor payments, customer invoices, and customer payments. Document types are used to filter out specific types of documents. For example, if you want to extract only vendor invoices, you can filter out the document type for vendor invoices.
  2. Defining Document Types: The video demonstrates how to define document types in the system. SAP provides standard document types that are used globally. However, if required, customized document types can also be created. The presenter creates a customized document type named ‘ZH’.
  3. Number Ranges: Number ranges are assigned to document types. For example, vendor invoices might start from one to a hundred. Whenever vendor invoices are posted, they will start from one and then increase sequentially.
  4. Defining Number Ranges: The video shows how to define number ranges for document types. Number ranges are defined at the company code level. The presenter copies the number ranges from a standard SAP company code (1710) to his company code.
  5. Internal and External Number Ranges: Two types of number ranges are defined in the system: internal and external. Internal number ranges are sequential and assigned by the system. External number ranges are maintained manually. SAP recommends using internal number ranges.
  6. Mandatory Fields: If the options for reference or header text are checked during the document posting, these fields will become mandatory.

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