This video provides a detailed explanation of the Cash Account in General Ledger (GL) Account Types in SAP S/4HANA Financial Accounting (FI). Here are the key points:

  1. Cash Account GL Account Type: The video explains that in previous versions of SAP, at least three general ledger accounts were created for bank accounts: one for outgoing payments, one for incoming payments, and one for the house bank. However, in the 2020 version of SAP, this was updated with the Cash Account type, which maintains the reconciliation accounts of clearing bank accounts.
  2. Creating a Cash Account: The video demonstrates how to create a Cash Account using transaction code FS00. The presenter creates a House Bank General Ledger account and two clearing accounts, one for incoming payments and one for outgoing payments.
  3. Creating a House Bank General Ledger Account: The presenter creates a House Bank General Ledger account with the Cash Account type. When the Cash Account type is selected, the system automatically provides the option of GL Account Subtype. The presenter chooses this for the Reconciliation Bank Account.
  4. Creating Clearing Accounts: The presenter creates two clearing accounts, one for outgoing payments and one for incoming payments. These are created as sub-accounts of the House Bank account. The presenter assigns the House Bank account as the reconciliation account for these clearing accounts.
  5. Functionality of Cash Account: The Cash Account type is used for defining bank reconciliation accounts, bank sub-accounts, and petty cash accounts. The petty cash account will be discussed when defining cash journals.

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