This training video provides a complete demonstration on SAP Variant Configuration with a Third-party process, covering both Material Management (MM) and Sales and Distribution (SD) aspects.

Here’s the key topics covered in the video:

  1. Introduction: The video begins with an introduction to SAP Variant Configuration, explaining its use in managing complex products with various characteristics and variants. The speaker uses the example of a car with different accessories, colors, transmissions, etc., to illustrate the concept.
  2. Master Data: The speaker then delves into the master data required for SAP Variant Configuration. This includes Material Master, Variant Class, Characteristics, Reference Characteristics, Configuration Profile, Dependencies, Procedures, and Variant Condition Types.
  3. Scenario Explanation: The speaker presents a scenario where they sell hamburgers but do not produce them. They take orders from customers and pass them to a vendor who produces and ships the hamburgers. They use a class for the hamburger and create two characteristics: one for the type of Bread and another for the type of Sauce.
  4. Master Data Creation: The speaker demonstrates the creation of characteristics, classes, and material masters in the SAP system. They also create a Configuration Profile and define dependencies for a Procedure.
  5. Pricing: The speaker explains how variant prices are maintained in Info-records and Sales pricing. They show how to create condition records for different bread types and sauces.
  6. Step-by-Step Demo: The speaker conducts a step-by-step demo of a third-party process with Variant configuration in Sales Order and Purchasing Documents. They show how to create a sales order, configure the product, and check the prices. They also demonstrate how to create a purchase order based on the sales order.
  7. Conclusion: The video concludes with a recap of the process and an invitation for viewers to subscribe, like, and comment on the video.

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