This video provides a comprehensive guide on SAP Account Determination, focusing on the integration between Material Management (MM) and Finance (FI). The tutorial is designed to simplify the complex topic and is divided into several sections, each focusing on a different aspect of SAP Account Determination.

  • Introduction and Overview: The video begins with an introduction to SAP Account Determination and its importance as an integration point between Material Management and Finance. The presenter explains the organizational structure, including the company code, plants, valuation areas, and valuation grouping code. The video also covers the material level, where the valuation class is assigned in the Accounting view of the material master.
  • Business Transactions: The presenter discusses various business transactions, including standard transactions that occur during goods movements and invoice verification. The video explains the concept of value strings, transaction event keys, and how the system automatically determines the value string assigned to a specific transaction.
  • Customizing Account Determination (SPRO): The tutorial delves into the customization of account determination, explaining the definition of valuation classes, the assignment of accounting grouping to movement types, and the activation of automatic postings. The presenter demonstrates how to define valuation control, group together valuation areas, and define the valuation classes.

Practical Examples: The video provides practical examples of how account determination works in real-life scenarios. The presenter creates a purchase order (PO) for a material in a specific plant, performs a goods receipt based on the PO, and checks the accounting document. The presenter also demonstrates how to make changes in the customizing settings to use different accounts for different plants.

The video concludes with a demonstration of how changes in the customizing settings can affect the accounts used for different transactions. The presenter emphasizes the importance of understanding and correctly setting up SAP Account Determination to ensure accurate and efficient financial and material management processes.

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