This video tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of External Service Management in SAP, focusing on the creation and use of Model Service Specifications. The presenter explains the end-to-end process of External Service Management, which is an application component of Material Management, and how it supports various business operations.

  • Introduction to External Service Management: The video begins by introducing External Service Management, which is used to manage end-to-end processes that start with the determination of requirements. These requirements can arise from a user department within the framework of a project or regular maintenance work. The process then moves on to Request for Quotations (RFQs), maintenance of quotations, creation of Purchase Orders (POs), and finally, invoice verification.
  • Service Master Creation: The presenter demonstrates how to create a Service Master using transaction code ‘AC03’. The Service Master is similar to the Material Master but with fewer fields. The presenter creates a new service called ‘Painting work’ with a service category, base unit of measure, and other necessary details.
  • Service Condition Creation: The presenter shows how to create Service Conditions for a vendor with a plant. The Service Condition is created for a specific purchase organization, vendor, and plant using the previously created Service Master. The cost is set at 2 euros per square meter with a validity period.
  • Purchase Requisition Creation: The presenter demonstrates how to create a Purchase Requisition using transaction code ‘ME51N’. The Purchase Requisition is created with Account Assignment ‘K’ for Cost Center and Item Category ‘D’ for services. The presenter also explains how to enter service entry sheets and how to accept them.
  • Invoice Verification: The presenter demonstrates how to create an invoice verification using transaction code ‘MIRO’. The invoice verification is created with reference to the previously created Purchase Order.
  • Model Service Specification: The presenter introduces the concept of Model Service Specification, which is a template for a set of services. The presenter shows how to create a Model Service Specification called ‘Software 001’ with a service category and a Material Group. The Model Service Specification is then used to create a requisition or a PO.

Key Transaction Codes Covered in the Session:

  • ‘AC03’: Service Master Creation
  • ‘ME51N’: Purchase Requisition Creation
  • ‘ML81N’: Service Entry Sheet Creation
  • ‘MIRO’: Invoice Verification Creation

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