This video tutorial provides a comprehensive walkthrough of the SAP Vendor Consignment Process. The presenter explains the process in detail, demonstrating how to manage vendor consignment in SAP, including the setup of master data, the creation of purchase orders, and the posting of goods receipts.

  • Intro: The video begins by explaining the concept of vendor consignment, where the vendor provides materials that are stored in your facilities, but the vendor remains the legal owner of the stock until it is withdrawn from consignment stores. This withdrawal can occur in two ways: either through direct consumption from the consignment stock or by transferring the consignment stock to your own stock. The liability to the vendor is created only at this point, and an invoice can be generated.
  • Master Data Setup: The presenter demonstrates how to set up the necessary master data for the consignment process. This includes setting up the Material Master with automatic POs, lot size, procurement type, and special procurement type. The Vendor Master is also set up with the automatic purchase order flag. Additionally, an Info Record for the vendor and material is created with consignment as the category, and a source list is established for the material.
  • Creating Purchase Orders: The video then moves on to the creation of purchase orders. The presenter demonstrates how to create an independent requirement for planning purposes and then run MRP to create a purchase requisition. This requisition is then converted into a purchase order using the automatic PO creation functionality.
  • Posting Goods Receipts: The next step in the process is posting goods receipts. The presenter demonstrates how to post a goods receipt based on a purchase order using the MIGO transaction. After the goods receipt is posted, the stock overview shows the received stock in the vendor consignment stock.
  • Consuming Consignment Stock: The presenter then demonstrates two ways to consume or take ownership of the vendor consignment stock. The first method involves a direct consumption from the vendor consignment stock, which is shown using a good issue posting. The second method involves transferring the vendor consignment stock to the unrestricted stock, demonstrated using a transfer posting.
  • Settlements and Invoices: The video concludes with a demonstration of how to create settlements and invoices for the consumed consignment stock. The presenter shows how to use the MRKO transaction to display and settle withdrawals, and how to check the created invoices and their associated accounting documents.

Transaction Codes Mentioned in this Training Session:

  • MD04: Display Stock/Requirements Situation
  • MD61: Create Planned Independent Requirements
  • ME59N: Automatic Generation of Purchase Orders
  • MIGO: Goods Movement
  • MB54: Consignment Stocks
  • MRKO: Consignment Settlement
  • MB51: Material Document List

The video tutorial is a practical guide for anyone looking to understand and manage the vendor consignment process in SAP. It provides step-by-step instructions, making it easy to follow along and apply the knowledge in a real-world scenario.

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