This video provides an introduction to SAP S/4HANA Finance and its configuration. Here’s a summary of the key points discussed:


  • The video is a part of a series focused on SAP S/4HANA Finance, aiming to guide viewers through the different configurations within this space.
  • The presenter emphasizes the importance of understanding the basic requirements, phases of implementation, and expectations before starting the configuration.


  • SAP S/4HANA is SAP’s current enterprise application suite, first released in 2015. It’s considered the biggest change to SAP’s core offering since the introduction of the R/3 system in 1992.
  • Initially, SAP S/4HANA was released as a next-generation financial solution, focusing on finance as the core of every module. However, it later expanded to become a full-scale enterprise resource planning platform.
  • The platform includes specific core lines of business such as SAP S/4HANA Finance, SAP S/4HANA Material Management, and SAP S/4HANA Sales and Distribution.

Innovative Features

  • The first release of SAP S/4HANA Finance included innovative features like the Universal Journal, which provides a single source of truth for finance and management accounting documentations.
  • Other features include better reporting, easy access to KPIs utilized by managers, a cockpit tailored to specific end users to help them make more informed decisions, and the introduction of Fiori that improved navigation and user experience.

SAP Activate Methodology

  • Before starting the configuration of SAP, it’s important to understand the SAP Activate Methodology, which is a framework to enable SAP project managers or consultants to deliver projects with ease and clarity.
  • The three pillars of SAP Activate Framework are SAP Best Practice, Guided Configurations, and the SAP Activate Methodology itself.
  • These three phases can empower project managers, consultants, and even business end users to easily understand the SAP solution that is implemented to solve their business pain points.

SAP Activate Methodology Phases

  • The SAP Activate Methodology has six phases: Discover, Prepare, Explore, Realize, Deploy, and Run.
  • Each phase has specific tasks and goals, from understanding what SAP S/4HANA is all about and preparing the business case for implementation, to deploying the system and running the business processes on it.

Upcoming Training

  • The upcoming training will cover executing projects, enterprise structures, cross-application components, financial accounting, global settings, GL accounting, bank accounting, asset accounting, and controlling.
  • The presenter emphasizes the importance of practice and encourages viewers to ask questions and actively participate in their learning journey.

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