This video tutorial discusses the different deployment options of OData in SAP. The speaker provides a detailed explanation of each deployment option. Here are the key points:

1. Central Hub Deployment: This is a good approach where services are developed in the backend system and registered or maintained in the front-end system. The speaker previously discussed that in a layered system, the front-end OData service may not know if it’s directly communicating with the server. There might be an additional layer, the SAP Gateway Hub system, which provides more security and independent innovation speed.

2. SAP Business Data Exposure: The goal of OData programming is to expose SAP business data to the outer world. Users can consume the data in the browser if they want to consume it in a different way.

3. Additional Layer of Security: When there’s an additional layer (the Gateway Hub system) controlling security and data exposure from the backend, it adds an extra layer of security. This aligns with one of the REST principles discussed in a previous video.

4. Other Deployment Options: The speaker encourages viewers to share other possible deployment options in the comment section, fostering a learning community.

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