This video tutorial delves into the practical aspects of OData after having covered the theoretical aspects in previous videos. Here are the key points discussed:

1. Central Hub Deployment: The speaker explains that in Central Hub Deployment, there is a separate system for maintaining and developing services. The version of the system being used is also discussed.

2. Defining Properties: The speaker discusses the need to define properties such as length. While there are multiple properties that can be defined, the speaker promises to discuss each one in detail in future videos.

3. Using Existing Structures: The speaker suggests that instead of defining all the properties manually, it is more efficient to pull existing structures if they are available.

4. SAP Annotations: The speaker briefly mentions SAP Annotations, which are used to create in CDs. Annotations provide information in a coding format. The speaker promises to delve deeper into this topic in future videos.

5. Exposing Employee Data: The speaker talks about exposing employee data either outside SAP or through Theory. The possibility of doing this within SAP is also discussed.

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