This video provides a comprehensive understanding of Inspection Methods in the SAP S/4HANA Quality Management (QM) module. Here are the key points:

  1. Inspection Methods: Inspection methods describe how to carry out an inspection for an inspection characteristic. They are used to standardize and simplify inspection planning activities. They contain the procedure for carrying out an inspection activity.
  2. Creating Inspection Methods: The video demonstrates how to create inspection methods in the SAP system. An inspection method is created with respect to a plant and contains information on how to carry out a specific inspection.
  3. Assigning Inspection Methods: Inspection methods can be assigned to Master Inspection Characteristics (MICs). This helps in standardizing the inspection process. The video shows how to assign an inspection method to a MIC.
  4. Use of Inspection Methods: Inspection methods are used during the results recording phase of a quality inspection. The quality analyst refers to the inspection method to understand how to carry out the inspection.
  5. Adding Documents to Inspection Methods: Documents such as PDF files, Word files, or Notepad files can be attached to inspection methods. These documents can provide additional information or instructions on how to carry out the inspection.
  6. Viewing Inspection Methods during Quality Inspection: During the quality inspection, the analyst can view the inspection method and any attached documents. This helps the analyst understand the procedure for the inspection and record the results accurately.

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