This video covers the topic of Master Inspection Characteristics (MIC) in the SAP S/4HANA Quality Management (QM) module. Here are the key points:

  1. Master Inspection Characteristics (MIC): MICs are parameters that are inspected during a quality inspection. They can be qualitative (descriptive, such as color or clarity) or quantitative (measurable, such as length or pH value). The video demonstrates how to create MICs in the SAP system.
  2. Incomplete and Complete Copy Models: When creating MICs, users can choose between an incomplete copy model and a complete copy model. An incomplete copy model allows users to create MICs without fully maintaining them at creation. The missing entries can be added in the task list later. A complete copy model requires the MIC to be fully maintained at creation.
  3. Reference Characteristics: The video explains how to create MICs using reference characteristics. This allows users to create a common MIC that can be used in multiple materials, simplifying master data maintenance.
  4. Tolerance Key: The tolerance key is a tool that allows users to save default values for MICs. This can save time when creating new MICs with the same limits.
  5. Configuration: The video provides an overview of the configuration options for MICs in the SAP system. It explains how to define default values for control indicators and how to use the tolerance key to default the lower and upper limits.
  6. Assigning MICs to Materials: The video demonstrates how to assign MICs to materials in the SAP system. It shows how to enter the quantitative data for MICs when assigning them to materials.

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