The video discusses the concept of Inspection Plans in the SAP S/4HANA Quality Management (QM) module.

  1. Inspection Plan: An Inspection Plan outlines how a quality inspection should be conducted for one or more materials. It defines the sequence of individual inspection operations and specifies which inspection characteristics should be inspected and how.
  2. Inspection Plan Structure: An Inspection Plan can contain several operations, each reflecting different inspection stages for a product. Each operation can, in turn, contain several inspection characteristics.
  3. Data in Inspection Plan Header and Operations: The video discusses the data contained in the Inspection Plan header and operations.
  4. Calculated and Conditional Characteristics: The video covers the use of calculated and conditional characteristics within an Inspection Plan. These characteristics can help in defining specific conditions or calculations that need to be considered during the inspection process.
  5. Material Specifications: Material specifications, which provide detailed information about the material to be inspected, are also discussed in the context of Inspection Plans.
  6. Configuration Related to Inspection Plan: The video touches upon the configuration aspects related to Inspection Plans in the SAP system.
  7. Different Uses of Inspection Plans: Inspection Plans can be created for different uses, such as model inspection, preliminary series inspection, and goods issue inspection.

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