This video explains the concept of Statistical Process Control in the SAP S/4HANA Quality Management (QM) module. Here are the key points:

  1. Statistical Process Control (SPC): The video explains that SPC allows you to monitor, control, and improve processes. It is used to monitor the quality of goods over time and identify any systematic deviations from target values.
  2. Control Charts: The video introduces the concept of control charts, which are graphical tools used to identify systematic variance of a quality characteristic from a target value. These charts can be generated for both qualitative and quantitative characteristics.
  3. Master Inspection Characteristics (MICs): The video demonstrates how to create a new MIC that is allowed for the generation of control charts. This MIC is then used to plan the control chart.
  4. Sampling Procedure: The video shows how to create a sampling procedure and assign a control chart type to it. This procedure is necessary for the generation of control charts.
  5. Control Chart Types: The video explains that there are various types of control charts available in the system. The type of control chart to be used is decided by the client or business.
  6. Control Chart Generation: The video demonstrates how to generate a control chart from the SAP system. This involves creating a MIC, assigning a control chart type to a sampling procedure, and then using these to generate the control chart.

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