This video provides a detailed explanation of Physical Samples Management in the SAP S/4HANA Quality Management (QM) module. Here are the key points:

  1. Physical Samples Management: Physical samples are typically drawn from a readily available quantity of goods or materials during the inspection process. The system determines the scope of the physical sample drawing from the information in the inspection plan and assigned sample drawing procedure.
  2. Physical Sample Categories: There are three types of physical sample categories: primary samples, pooled samples, and reserve samples. Primary samples are taken directly from the population. Pooled samples are created by pooling the primary samples. Reserve samples are the primary samples that are reserved as specimen samples.
  3. Creation of Physical Samples: Physical samples can be created automatically or manually. Automatic creation is a planned method that requires a sample drawing procedure. Manual creation is an unplanned method that can be done whenever needed.
  4. Sample Drawing Procedure: The sample drawing procedure is a master data record that is defined in the task list header and controls the drawing and formation of physical samples. It also defines the number of physical samples and the physical sample container.
  5. Inspection Plan: The sample drawing procedure is assigned to the inspection plan. When an inspection lot is created, the system automatically creates physical sample records.
  6. SAP Configuration (SPRO) Settings: The video includes a demonstration of how to create a sample drawing procedure in the SAP system. It shows how to navigate to the Quality Management module, go to Quality Planning, access Basic Data, and then go to Sampling to create a sample drawing procedure.

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