This video demonstrates the concept of Quality Certificates in the SAP S/4HANA Quality Management (QM) module. Here are the key points:

  1. Quality Certificates: The video explains that a quality certificate certifies the quality of goods. These certificates are often referred to as Certificate of Analysis (COA) or Certificate of Conformance (COC) in different industries. The certificate typically contains information about the material, batch, tested parameters, results, and specifications.
  2. Certificate Planning and Processing: The video outlines two major functions in quality certificates: certificate planning and certificate processing. In certificate planning, all the data required for printing is created. In certificate processing, the certificate is generated following the creation of the inspection lot, results recording, and usage decision.
  3. Certificate Type: The video introduces the concept of a certificate type, which describes the general features of a certificate and can be based on standards.
  4. Certificate Form: The video explains that the certificate form determines the page layout and format of the data on the certificate. This form is typically created by the technical team based on the client’s requirements.
  5. Certificate Profile: The video emphasizes the importance of the certificate profile, which controls inspection lot selection, the sequence of characteristics, and data. The certificate profile is assigned to the respective object, which could be a material, a customer ship-to party, or a material group.
  6. Creating a Certificate Profile: The video demonstrates how to create a certificate profile in the SAP system. It shows how to assign all the characteristics that need to be printed on the certificate and how to assign the form layout to the certificate profile.

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