This video provides a comprehensive understanding of Flexible Specifications in the SAP S/4HANA Quality Management (QM) module. Here are the key points:

  1. Flexible Specifications: The video explains that flexible specifications are used when different inspection specifications are required for an inspection characteristic in Quality Management. These different specifications may include customer requirements, requirements specified by pharmacopoeia or authorities, country-specific legal requirements, or sometimes internal requirements.
  2. Use of Flexible Specifications: The video outlines how flexible specifications are used during the planning activity. During the inspection planning, you maintain the multiple specifications. When you create inspection lots, these multiple specifications get transferred to the inspection.
  3. Object Types and Objects for Multiple Specifications: The video describes the object types and objects for multiple specifications. The object type controls the suitability of a batch for an object based on multiple specifications. You must assign a control key to the object type. This key determines whether the batch classification should occur based on the customer, country, or some other object.
  4. Standard Object Types: The video mentions that three object types are delivered in the standard system: customer, country, and pharmacopoeia. For each object type, you create the objects.
  5. Results Recording and Usage Decision: The video demonstrates how during the results recording, multiple specifications get displayed for each characteristic. The system does the automatic valuation of the multiple specifications. During the usage decision, you can display the valuation done in the results recording and do the final valuation.
  6. Transfer of Results to Batch Classification: The video explains that you can transfer the results to the batch classification and, if required, do the certificate printing based on that.

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