This video provides an overview of the three types of data in the SAP S/4HANA Quality Management (QM) module: configuration data, master data, and transactional data.

  1. Configuration Data: This is often referred to as one-time data, meaning it doesn’t change frequently. Configuration data is usually set up by consultants and tracked through a transport request. Any changes to the configuration are saved in a transport request and tracked. The video demonstrates how to access and modify configuration data in the SAP system.
  2. Master Data: This is built upon the configuration data and is referred to as slowly changing data. It doesn’t change all the time but may change several times a year. In the QM module, master data includes the material master, MICs, sampling procedure, and inspection plan. The video shows how the system fetches information from the master data when creating transactional data.
  3. Transactional Data: This is the day-to-day business data. In the QM module, transactional data includes inspection lots and inspection modes. These can be created manually or automatically. The video shows how to view inspection lots in the system.

The video emphasizes that to have master data in place, configuration data is a prerequisite. Similarly, to perform transactional data, both configuration data and master data must be in place.

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