CDS Views in ABAP on HANA

This list comprises an extensive series of videos that aims to educate learners about SAP’s Core Data Services (CDS) as part of the ABAP on HANA course. The series begins with an introduction to SAP CDS and continues to explain more complex concepts such as DDIC-based annotations, the distinction between CDS view entities and DDIC-based CDS views, and using object models and ignoring propagated annotations. The course provides detailed lessons on advanced topics such as joins, literals, input parameters, cardinality, and associations in CDS views. It further covers topics like unit and currency conversions, table functions, and the AMDP framework. In the final stretch, it offers insights into the usage of CDS table functions and a multipart tutorial on implementing access control using DCL. Lastly, it ends with a video comparing ABAP CDS and OPEN SQL, providing guidance on when to use each.

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