This video tutorial is a comprehensive guide on the topic of Source of Supply in SAP MM (Materials Management). It covers the creation and management of purchase info records, price changes in info records, and the creation of info records for material groups. The tutorial also delves into the use of transaction codes, the creation of purchase orders, and the automatic update of info records.

Standout Topics:

  1. Introduction to Source of Supply in SAP: The video begins with an overview of the topics to be covered, including purchase info records, outline purchase agreements, contracts, and scheduling agreements. The instructor explains that these are the possible sources of supply that a system can refer to when creating a purchase order.
  2. Purchase Info Records: The tutorial explains that purchase info records contain data on a certain material and supplier of this material. The data from the info record is copied into the document as default values when creating purchasing documents. The instructor demonstrates how to create a purchase info record in the system using transaction codes.
  3. Price Maintenance in Info Records: The video shows how to maintain specific prices in info records. When a purchase order is created for a specific material and vendor combination, the system automatically fetches the price from the info record.
  4. Creation of Info Records: The tutorial demonstrates how to create info records manually and automatically. The automatic creation of info records can be done by setting the info update indicator when maintaining a quotation, purchase order, or outline agreement.
  5. Price Change in Info Records: The video explains how to change prices in info records. If a vendor informs that they are increasing the price by a certain percentage, the price change in the info record can be done in mass, rather than changing it manually for each info record.
  6. Info Record for Material Group: The tutorial shows how to create an info record for a material group. This is useful when the price remains the same for certain materials, like office supplies. Instead of maintaining an info record for each material separately, an info record can be created for a material group.
  7. Configuration in SPRO: The instructor briefly touches upon the configuration settings in SPRO (SAP Project Reference Object). However, the tutorial mentions that the detailed discussion on configuration will be covered at a later point.
  8. Automatic Update of Info Records: The video explains how to automatically update info records. When creating a purchase order, if the automatic info update is activated, the system will update the prices or other conditions to the info record.

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