The video is a tutorial on the Bill of Materials (BOM) in SAP Plant Maintenance. The BOM is a list of spare parts for a specific technical object, which can be created for equipment, functional locations, and materials.

The tutorial uses an air compressor as an example. This compressor has specific spare parts that need to be procured regularly, and the delivery takes five weeks as they are sent from a small city in Europe, Poland. The air compressor consists of two gaskets, two air filters, and five O-rings.

There are three types of BOMs for plant maintenance:

  • equipment BOM,
  • functional location BOM, and
  • material BOM.

The first type of BOM involves entering the equipment number and placing all the components. However, if there are multiple compressors of the same type with the same spare parts, it would be inefficient to repeat this activity for each compressor. This is where the material BOM comes in.

A material BOM requires a material, in most cases of type IBO for maintenance assemblies, and a BOM is created for it in the same way as for the equipment BOM. The only critical difference is that this IBO material is then linked with all the equipments in the master data.

The last type is the functional location BOM, which also exists and can be created in the system. The logic is the same; you enter the functional location number and then all the materials.

The tutorial then demonstrates how to create an equipment BOM and a material BOM in SAP, and how to link the material BOM with the equipment.

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