This video is a comprehensive tutorial on the concept of Functional Location in SAP Plant Maintenance (PM). It uses a practical example of a network of vehicle workshops to illustrate the concept. The video explains how maintenance is about keeping assets in an appropriate condition for safety and benefit. It further delves into how SAP Plant Maintenance can be used to monitor the frequency of problems with assets like welders, vehicle lifts, air compressors, etc.


1. Concept of Functional Location in PM: Functional location in SAP represents the hierarchical structure of a company. It can be built from a functional, process-related, or spatial perspective. The structure can be multi-level, and functional locations mainly represent immovable objects like buildings.

2. Building Functional Location Structure: The video provides an example of a vehicle workshop in Texas, represented as a plant and maintenance plant in SAP. The structure is then built with multiple functional locations under the Texas workshop. The structure is built considering cost allocations, with different areas on the second level differentiating by different cost collectors.

3. Creating Functional Locations in SAP: Functional locations can be created manually in SAP using the SAP GUI or SAP Fiori. The video demonstrates the creation of functional locations using both methods. It explains the use of structure indicators, which define the mask of functional locations, and how to add descriptions, cost centers, and other relevant data.

4. Viewing Functional Locations: After creating functional locations, they can be viewed using the ‘Find Technical Object’ app in SAP Fiori. The app displays all the data entered during the creation of the functional locations.

5. Importance of Appropriate Functional Locations: The video emphasizes the importance of building an appropriate functional location structure in SAP Plant Maintenance. It serves as a reference for future rollouts and helps in differentiating costs and responsibilities in a company.

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