The video is a tutorial on SAP PP (Production Planning) module, specifically focusing on the Work Centre component. The instructor discusses various aspects of setting up and managing work centres in SAP PP.

  1. Creating Work Centres: The instructor guides viewers on how to create work centres in SAP, explaining the process of entering basic details such as the work centre name and description. The instructor also highlights the importance of assigning a person responsible for the work centre.
  2. Usage of Work Centres: The instructor explains that the usage of a work centre is determined by the settings in the system. For example, a work centre can be used in routing or in a master recipe and process order, depending on the usage setting.
  3. Standard Value Keys: The video discusses the concept of standard value keys, which contain parameters that can be used to capture costs. The instructor demonstrates how to add and modify these parameters in a standard value key.
  4. Control Keys and Standard Text Keys: The instructor discusses the role of control keys and standard text keys in work centres. Control keys define the basic control data for an operation, while standard text keys can be used to standardize operations in a work centre.
  5. Maintenance of Work Centres: The video covers the maintenance of work centres, including how to change settings and add new parameters. The instructor also explains how to handle errors that may occur during the maintenance process.
  6. Defining Standard Value Key: The instructor explains how to define your own standard value key to capture cost. The standard value key can capture up to six parameters.
  7. Creating Parameters: The video explains how to create new parameters if they are not available. These parameters can be used to capture costs.
  8. Creating Standard Text Key: The instructor explains how to create a standard text key for operations that are standardized. This key can be used to pre-populate descriptions in operations.
  9. Reference Indicator: The instructor explains the use of the reference indicator. If the reference indicator is activated, the control key and standard text key cannot be changed in the operation.

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