This video is a comprehensive guide on the year-end closing activities in SAP FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling). The presenter walks through the various steps and transactions that need to be carried out to successfully close out the fiscal year in SAP. The video covers a wide range of topics, from the basics of fiscal year change to the more complex aspects of depreciation posting and foreign currency valuation.

  • Number Range Change: The first transaction code discussed is for the number range change, which is important to enable the new period to have number ranges assigned to it.
  • GL Balance Carry Forward: The presenter explains how to carry forward GL (General Ledger) balances using transaction code F.07. This is an important activity for the year-end process.
  • AR and AP Confirmation: The video covers the process of AR (Accounts Receivable) and AP (Accounts Payable) confirmation. The presenter explains how to run reports using SAP F130D for customers and SAP F130K for vendors, or by using transaction codes F.17 and FB1K.
  • Financial Statements: The presenter discusses the process of generating financial statements and how to compare them for different periods using the actual activities.
  • Close Previous Accounting Period: The video explains how to close the previous accounting period to prevent postings from being done into that period. This is a necessary step before carrying out the year-end closing activities.
  • Foreign Currency Valuation: The presenter explains the importance of foreign currency valuation at the end of the year. The video covers how to define the valuation area and key, and how to select the open items for valuation.
  • Asset Explorer and Fixed Assets Year-End Closing: The video covers how to use the Asset Explorer to get a detailed status of all assets. The presenter also explains the requirements for carrying out the year-end closing for fixed assets, such as ensuring that all depreciation for the assets has been completed.
  • Depreciation Posting: The presenter explains how to post depreciation using transaction code AFAB. The video covers different types of depreciation and how to run depreciation at the testing level.
  • Fiscal Year Change: The video concludes with a discussion on the fiscal year change. The presenter explains that this is a technical issue and is different from closing a period. The fiscal year change can only be processed in a subsequent year if the previous period has been closed.

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