This is a video tutorial on Shipping Point Determination in SAP S/4HANA SD (Sales and Distribution). The speaker discusses the process in detail, providing step-by-step instructions. Here are some key points:

  1. Shipping Point Determination: The video begins with an explanation of shipping point determination in SAP S/4HANA SD. The shipping point is a crucial field in the sales order item that is determined automatically by the system. It is a physical location, such as a warehouse or a collection of loading ramps, from which items can be shipped.
  2. Functions Dependent on Shipping Point: The presenter explains that several functions are dependent on the shipping point, including delivery scheduling, route determination, and delivery creation. For these functions to be completed, the system must have a shipping point for the order line item.
  3. Shipping Points and Delivering Plants: Shipping points are assigned to delivering plants. In most cases, the shipping point and delivering plant are the same. However, in larger companies, there can be more than one shipping point within the same delivering plant.
  4. Shipping Point Determination Formula: The formula for shipping point determination involves the shipping condition (from the sold-to party), the loading group (from the material), and the delivering plant (from the sales order item). The system uses these three factors to determine the default shipping point.
  5. Customizing Settings for Shipping Point Determination: The presenter demonstrates how to customize settings for shipping point determination in the SAP system. This involves defining shipping conditions and loading groups, and assigning shipping points based on these conditions and groups.
  6. Manual Shipping Point Selection: The presenter also explains how to allow manual selection of shipping points in the customizing settings. This is useful when the proposed shipping point needs to be changed for a specific transaction.
  7. Remembering Shipping Point Determination: The presenter shares a trick to remember shipping point determination for SAP SD beginners or those preparing for interviews or certification exams. The trick is to remember the formula “SLD”, where S stands for Shipping condition, L for Loading group, and D for Delivering plant.

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