This video tutorial delves into the concept of the Incompletion Log in SAP S/4HANA Sales and Distribution (SD). The speaker provides a comprehensive understanding of the topic, explaining its functionality and significance in the SAP system. Here are the key points discussed:

  1. Introduction to Incompletion Log: The incompletion log is a feature in SAP that prompts users to complete mandatory fields before saving a sales document. If these fields are not filled, the document will be saved as incomplete. The system will display a message indicating the document’s incomplete status and the specific fields that need to be filled.
  2. Levels of Incompletion Log: The incompletion log operates at three different levels – header level, item level, and schedule line level. Each level has a separate incompletion procedure assigned to it. For instance, at the header level, fields like the purchase order number might be mandatory. At the item level, fields like the plant and shipping point might be required.
  3. List of Incomplete Orders: The system provides reports that list all incomplete orders. These can be accessed through the GUI using the V.02 transaction or through the Fiori application. These reports allow users to view all incomplete orders, identify the missing data, and complete it.
  4. Incompletion Log Setup: The incompletion log setup can be customized according to business requirements. For example, the system can be set up to allow the saving of incomplete documents but block certain follow-on functionalities. An example given in the video is that if the terms of payment are missing, the system can still process the order for delivery but will block the billing process.
  5. Customizing Incompletion Log: Depending on the business requirements, additional fields can be made mandatory. For instance, if a company requires the custom material number to be mandatory, this field can be added to the incompletion log.

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