In this video tutorial you will learn about creating sales orders in the SAP S4/HANA system. The topics covered in this video include the process of creating a sales order, creating a sales order with reference to a quotation, understanding the structure of a sales document, managing business data at the item level, blocking and rejecting sales orders, and mass processing of sales orders.

The basics of sales order processing are discussed, where the customer service department is responsible for receiving and maintaining sales orders. Orders can be received through various channels such as phone, email, or electronic means like IDoc. This lecture focuses on the manual creation of sales orders received by the customer service department.

A sales order typically contains information about the customer, including their details, address, payment terms, and other relevant data. It also includes details about the product, such as quantity, price, financial terms, delivery dates, shipping information, and billing information.

In this video following processes are covered:

  • Processing a Sales order
  • Creating sales order with reference
  • Structure of a Sales Document
  • Different business data at item level
  • How to block a Sales order
  • How to Reject a Sales order
  • Mass processing of Sales orders

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