This video provides an overview of the Sales Process in SAP S4HANA Sales and Distribution (SD) training. The key points discussed in the video are:

  1. Order to Cash Cycle: The standard sales process, also known as the order to cash cycle, is common across all platforms. It starts with the company receiving an order from the customer and ends with the customer making the payment. The steps include receiving the order, operating the order (picking process), goods issue to the customer, billing, and finally receiving the payment.
  2. Sales Order Cycle in SAP: From SAP’s point of view, the sales process starts with creating a sales order, followed by the shipping process which involves creating the delivery document, completing the picking process, and finally goods issue to the customer. After this, the billing document is created and sent to the customer.
  3. Pre-Sales Activities: Before receiving the order from the customer, there are some pre-sales activities that can happen. These include engaging with the customer and creating a contract, scheduling agreement, or quotation. After the quotation is sent to the customer and they agree to purchase, the sales order is created with reference to the quotation, contract, or agreement.
  4. Shipping or Procurement Process: After entering the sales order, the shipping process begins. This involves checking the availability of the goods, procuring the goods (either in-house or purchased from outside), creating the outbound delivery, completing the picking process, and finally issuing the goods to the customer.
  5. Billing Process: After the shipping process, the billing process begins where the billing document is created and sent to the customer. The accounts receivable department then follows up with the customer for payment.
  6. SD Interface with Other Modules: The SD module interfaces with other modules like FI, HR, Quality Management, Plant Maintenance, Material Management, Project System, Production Planning, and Controlling.

The video also includes a demo of the sales cycle in the SAP system, showing how to create a sales order, delivery, picking, goods issue, and billing document.

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