This video tutorial delves into the customizing options available for sales document types in SAP S/4HANA Sales and Distribution (SD). The speaker provides a comprehensive walkthrough of the process, highlighting the following key points:

  1. Permitting Order Type for Specific Sales Area: The tutorial explains how to permit a specific order type for a certain sales area. This is a crucial step in customizing the sales document types to fit the needs of different sales areas within an organization.
  2. Customizing Number Range for Sales Document Types: The speaker discusses how to customize the number range for sales document types. This involves setting up a specific range of numbers that can be used for each type of sales document, which helps in organizing and tracking these documents.
  3. Creating Reference Sales Organization: The video provides examples of how to create a reference sales organization for each sales force. This is a key part of the customization process, as it allows for more efficient management of sales activities.
  4. Combining Divisions: The tutorial also covers how to combine divisions within the sales organization. This involves linking multiple divisions to the same sales organization, which can be useful for managing large and complex sales structures.

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