This video tutorial delves into the customization of the SAP Factory Calendar. The speaker provides a comprehensive guide on how to set up and modify the factory calendar in SAP S/4HANA. Here are the key points discussed:

  1. What is Factory Calendar: The speaker explains that a factory calendar consists of the number of working days, weekends, and holidays. It helps in planning the organization’s operations by indicating valid working days, weekends, or holidays.
  2. Use of Factory Calendar: The factory calendar is used in different modules in SAP. For instance, in SAP SD, it is used for scheduling outbound deliveries and billing on specific dates. In SAP MM, it is used for scheduling procurement MRP activities. In SAP Production Planning, it is used for scheduling production orders.
  3. Customizing Factory Calendar: The speaker demonstrates how to customize a factory calendar using the transaction code S_CAL. He explains the hierarchy of the factory calendar, holiday calendar, and public holidays. He also shows how to create public holidays with fixed dates, fixed dates from a date, distance to Easter, and floating public holidays.
  4. Assigning Public Holidays to Holiday Calendar: The speaker shows how to assign public holidays to a holiday calendar. He creates a holiday calendar and assigns the previously created public holidays to it.
  5. Creating Factory Calendar: The speaker creates a factory calendar and links it to the previously created holiday calendar. He selects the working days for the factory calendar.
  6. Special Rule in Factory Calendar: The speaker explains the special rule in the factory calendar, which allows for the creation of sudden holidays or workdays.
  7. Assigning Factory Calendar to Organizational Units: The speaker shows how to assign the factory calendar to different organizational units like shipping points and plants. He also mentions that the factory calendar can be linked to a route in SAP SD.
  8. Transporting Factory Calendar to Production System: The speaker mentions that the customized factory calendar needs to be manually transported to the production system. He shows how to create a transport request for the factory calendar.

The speaker concludes the video by stating that the factory calendar is a crucial tool for planning and scheduling activities in an organization. It helps in ensuring that the operations are carried out on valid working days and holidays are observed as per the organization’s policy.

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