This is a video tutorial on how to assign and link different organizational units in SAP S/4HANA SD (Sales and Distribution). The speaker discusses the process in detail, providing step-by-step instructions. Here are some key points:

  1. SD Organizational Structure: The presenter explains how to define and assign different organizational units to each other in the SAP S4HANA SD module. The units include the company code, sales organization, distribution channel, division, plant, and shipping point.
  2. Assignments in Customizing: The presenter demonstrates how to assign the sales organization to the company code, distribution channel to the sales organization, division to the sales organization, and set up the sales area. He also shows how to assign the sales area to the credit control area.
  3. Linking Plant to Company Code and Shipping Point to Plant: The presenter shows how to assign the plant to the company code and the shipping point to the plant. He also discusses the one-to-one assignment rule between the company code and plant.
  4. Sales Area Creation and Assignment: The presenter explains the concept of a sales area, which is a combination of sales organization, distribution channel, and division. He shows how to set up a sales area and assign it to a credit control area.
  5. Checking and Closing Posting Periods: The presenter explains the importance of the MMPV transaction for closing posting periods for material master records. He advises users to save this transaction in their favorites as it is used frequently.
  6. Material Type Customizing: The presenter shows how to ensure that the plant is correctly set up for the material type in the OMS2 transaction. He emphasizes the need to check the quantity update and value update for the plant.
  7. Consistency Check: The presenter introduces the consistency check feature in the enterprise structure. This feature helps to check if all the necessary assignments and setups have been done correctly.
  8. Other Settings: The presenter goes through several other settings that need to be checked or set up, including OB40 for input and output tax, MM customizing settings, OMX1 and OMX3 transactions, and the CKMSTART transaction to sync everything.

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