This video is a comprehensive guide on the application of Data Control Language (DCL) in Core Data Services (CDS) within the SAP HANA and ABAP environment.

Upon completion of this video, viewers will gain insights into:

  • Literal Condition: The video begins with an introduction to the concept of Literal Condition in CDS. This is a fundamental aspect of DCL, and understanding it is crucial for effective data manipulation and control in SAP HANA.
  • User Condition: At the 4-minute mark, the video delves into User Condition. This segment provides practical knowledge on how to implement user-specific conditions in CDS, enhancing the customization and flexibility of data control.
  • Aspect Condition: The tutorial proceeds to discuss Aspect Condition at around the 7-minute mark. This part of the video will equip viewers with the skills to handle aspect-oriented conditions in CDS, further broadening their data control capabilities.
  • True False Condition: The video then explores the True False Condition, a fundamental concept in logical operations within CDS. This segment will help viewers understand how to implement these conditions to control data effectively.
  • Left Side Expression: The video also covers the concept of Left Side Expression, providing practical examples to enhance understanding.

The video also includes practical demonstrations of Literal Condition, User Condition, Aspect Condition, and Left Side Expression, allowing viewers to see these concepts in action.

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