This video is an instructive resource on the application of Core Data Services (CDS) access control using Data Control Language (DCL) in ABAP on HANA.

Upon completion of this video, viewers will gain:

  • An understanding of access rules in CDS access control. Access rules are fundamental in defining who can access what data in a CDS view.
  • Knowledge of the different types of Access Rules in CDS access control. The video discusses various access rules such as Grant Access Rule, Conditional Rule, and Inherited Rule.
  • Proficiency in creating an authorization object in SU21. The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to create an authorization object.
  • Skills in creating a role in PFCG T-code. This is a crucial step in managing user authorizations.
  • The ability to assign a Role to a user. This is an important task in user management and access control.
  • The know-how to use classical authorization objects in CDS Access control. This is useful when dealing with legacy systems or when specific access control requirements are needed.

The video also provides practical examples for Access Rule application, aiding viewers in understanding the real-world application of these concepts. The presenter discusses the impact of these rules on the access control of a CDS view, demonstrating how they can be used to control who can access what data.

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